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Soil Moisture Sensor:
So Plants Can Drink, Not Drown

With a moisture sensor system installed, the soil can "talk back" to the irrigation valves, allowing water to flow only when the ground is too dry.

An irrigator can fine tune the application of water to the actual requirements of the plants by tweaking the setting for appropriate soil moisture: enough for plant health but no more than necessary. For normal day-to-day operation a user situates the probe in the zone where the plants need the most water, to make sure they get enough.

In order to determine what areas are being over-watered during normal operations, a user will re-locate the probe to the least demanding area of a field, with one sensor controlling all valves; eventually the areas receiving insufficient water will show up as splotches of distressed plants. With this diagnostic, an irrigator can make sure water is better distributed according to need, thus achieving maximum water savings.

A summary of benefits:

  • lower consumption
  • less runoff
  • more uniform coverage
  • saved water
  • saved money