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Travel Under the Stars With
Advance Camping Reservations

RV enthusiasts who migrate to southern climes for the winter know how to get the jump on temperate weather: Just drive to it. Now, even as the leaves fall, you can get a jump on next summer: Just call for it.

The call is toll-free: 1-877-444-6777 (TDD: 1-877-833-6777).

The National Recreation Reservation Service™ provides advance reservations for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and USDA National Forest Service facilities nationwide. Splendid camping opportunities abound whether your choice is a bustling lakeside or a tranquil forest, or both.

But you might want to jump at the phone really soon. With the 240 day advance window on family sites and 360 day advance on group sites, summer is here already for the savvy campers who wish to claim the best sites. Want to book an arrival on the Friday of 4th of July weekend? You can, starting November 4.

Of course, Memorial Day weekend 1999 is reservable already. So too, are any facilities open during fall, winter and spring. The Alaska cabins are proving very popular for the winter holidays.

The NRRS also creates new opportunities for RV trekking, providing a nationwide network of outdoor accommodations that can be linked together to suit any journey.

Heading south for the winter? Many Corps of Engineers locations remain open year around, so you can book them back to back for a southerly migration. Got an urge to go west? Follow the old pioneer mountain trails, relaxing along the route in Forest Service campgrounds. Want to navigate a river to the sea? Start near the Smoky Mountain headwaters of the Chattahoochee or the Savannah Rivers with the Forest Service as your host, then go with the flow, staying at the fine lakeside campsites of the Corps.

You can even relocate your base camp from time to time within the same general region. Hop around a cluster of Corps and Forest Service campgrounds within and near the Ozarks, to refresh the scenery outside your RV window.

And all this can be reserved and confirmed by phone, long before your actual vagabond adventure. You can make up to four reservations per toll free phone call, and pay by credit card for fast confirmation.

The National Recreation Reservation Service™. It's easy, convenient, quick, effective…and Fun. For more information visit the NRRS web site on the Internet, At the web site of the NRRS service provider, Park.Net, you can make camping reservations at various state parks. That address is



Releases: 1 | 2 | index