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How Your Readers Can
Avoid Phone Frustration

When the NRRS begins operation this October 15, an initial tidal wave of calls will flood the NRRS toll-free line, leaving many phone campers jabbing at the redial button. Others will laboriously key in 1-877-444-6777 over and over, only to hear a busy signal.

Here are some helpful hints that will help folks avoid unnecessary frustration.

First, make sure the date you want to camp has come available. The 240 day advance window for individual sites means that when the NRRS debuts in mid-October, summertime availability will extend only through Memorial Day to mid-June, 1999. Someone wanting to arrive the Friday of 4th of July weekend should call no sooner than November 4th. No point in battling busy signals for a date that is not yet open. Just mark on your calendar the date when the reservation window opens for your date of arrival, and call at that time.

Second, make sure the facility where you wish to camp has been included in the NRRS inventory. Starting October 13, the initial offering of select Forest Service and Corps of Engineers sites will be posted at the NRRS web site, New campground inventory will roll into the program weekly, so it pays to bookmark the web site and return frequently. By checking on the web first, you may save yourself a long wait on the phone during the start-up period.

Third, research and prepare all your reservation information ahead of time for a smooth, quick transaction. You can make up to four reservations at one location per call, so be prepared to identify the desired campgrounds. Also, have your credit card number available, and the specific site type you need for your camping vehicles. The reservation agent will step you through the process quickly.

Fourth, be sure you can identify the campground or facility you want to reserve by exact name, agency and location. Many campgrounds in different locations have the same name, or names that sound very similar. The reservation process can go much faster if you can also specify the National Forest or Corps of Engineers project where the campsite you want is located.

Fifth, remember that on November 16, customers will be able to make NRRS camping reservations over the Internet on the web site. If you are planning on taking your summer camping vacation after mid-July, you will be able to reserve your sites quickly and efficiently via the Internet.



Releases: 1 | 2 | index