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AgriWater Illustrations

Water use on the farm.


The index graphic to the AgriWater section at the WaterShare site shows an idealized farm, with the various kinds of irrigation methods all in one place.

I created this and the following illustrations from scratch, learning about irrigation methods and researching the visual materials. Graphics can carry content weight and not just dress up the page. These are working graphics, not fancy adornments.

Expression gave me the natural painting look I was after, and as it is a vector program, the results convert to bitmaps at any scale quite nicely. Ulead's Gif Animator allowed me to "stream" the index graphic in a creative way by sectioning the master picture into the major irrigation areas and loading those pieces in succession.

The animation closeups on the following page develop upon each of the major areas of the index graphic, showing action views of gravity flow, sprinkler and micro irrigation.