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This image represents a small fraction of a 4x5 transparency, taken with an old Speed Graphic using the focal plane shutter.

It was never made into a print, so I scanned a travel book reproduction of the picture, getting only half of a double page spread. The layout editor preferred a tight cropping of the original image, binding me to his choice as I have no transparency scanner.

When you sell your pictures you are stuck with editor's preferences, which are not always the same as your own.

The slicing of the image for table assembly allowed me to save the pieces at different JPEG quality settings. Notice the clarity in the deep shadow areas, owing not to high quality settings but to the very lowest quality possible! When you push smoothing and resampling options to the max, much of the pixilation disappears.

The view is from Sunset Point at Bryce Canyon National Park. I worked there for a season as a ranger and came back a few years later as a photographer. The more time you spend under the rim within the formations, the more you will appreciate Bryce.

Eventually, I came to like it best when I left my camera behind. But pictures are easier to share than personal experiences. It really comes down to when you prefer to savor the moment--now or later.