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Not a typographical error. There is no apostrophe in Lees Ferry.

There is, however, an apostrophe in Lee's Ferry. Confused? The former is the place name, the latter the name of the stream gauge location nearby.

You see these formations on the road to the boat launch area, where the Vermilion Cliffs and the Echo Cliffs converge, affording the only ferry crossing of the wild Colorado within hundreds of miles that is approachable by horse drawn wagons.

Except nobody drives livery rigs these days and the Colorado River isn't wild anymore. Upstream, Glen Canyon Dam regulates the river, mostly for power generation, sometimes for ecological tokenism. Lees Ferry can seem quite remote, despite the industrialization of the river.

Oh, Yeah, technical details: 21mm on a Leicaflex at high noon. Big polarizing filter. That's why the horizon is so dark.

I had to sprawl on my side, shooting from ground level, apologizing profusely to any scorpions who might have been disturbed. They're little critters but they don't take any crap from anyone.