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Had to be quick to grab this shot before the salty spray splashed on my camera.

Thirty years ago, I was nearly as quick as I am now.

The spume splattered my back but missed the camera, cradled like a football carried on a quarterback sneak.

The camera was a junker, an old Yashica 35mm, my first Single Lens Reflex. Thought that was just the coolest thing to say, "Es El Ar." Had the kind of cachet that "PII" and "G3" have now.

Thirty years takes a toll on slides. The print used for scanning fared a little better, but I had to really call on PhotoImpact 4's manipulation abilities to make the scene look the way I remembered it.

Could have punched the color up into the tropical spectrum. Not that kind of day, though. The wave splash is the star of this photo, not the sunset.

Imagine 30 years of waves battering this rock. I'll bet it looks just the same now as it did then. Rocks age better than people do.