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This page shows a layout for a larger J-School tour I modified and expanded for the Reynolds School of Journalism while their webmaster briefly in 1996. I took the photos with a Quicktime 150, showing that a little Photoshop magic can make even low-end digital camera pictures as appealing as scanned prints and slides.

Notice the architectural vertical line perspective corrections in the building exterior photo, once the exclusive domain of the adjustable view camera. Notice, also, the apparent depth of field in the Don Reynolds bust picture, a product not of optics but of digital masking and sharpening. What used to be accomplished by applying the principles of optical physics can now be done even better with mathematical computation.

The last picture is an underexposed interior shot taken at night, rescued by using the facet filter in Photoshop and punching up the color to accentuate the lens flare. From Chapter 7, "How to make defects look intentionally artsy-craftsy," in my forthcoming book, Virtual Unrealities. (Just kidding).