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L.A. Program:
Flush With Success

The Southern California Urban Water Conservation Program is a Reclamation co-sponsored Ultra Low Flow (ULF) toilet retrofit project involving low income neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area.

AmeriCorps volunteers are installing up to 6000 ULF toilets and conducting on-site home water audits. The Executive Partnership for Environmental Resources Training, Inc. (ExPERT) prepares the participants at the Regional Job Training Center in Compton, California.


Reclamation, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and the Corporation for National and Community Service supply equal funding for the $1 million program. In return, the agencies receive cost-effective water savings and a growing cadre of young participants who acquire business-related skills along with the incentive to further pursue their education.

The young AmeriCorps members live in the neighborhoods they serve. Eventually, many of them may choose careers in water industries. ExPERT Executive Director Kourt Williams sees a bright future for all concerned in this win-win program.


"We are looking forward to a long-term and sustainable relationship with Reclamation as we continue to drought-proof our arid state. In less than two years, these efforts have resulted in an estimated savings of over half a million gallons of water per day in communities which previously were not conservation conscious.

"Through this program, national and community service is translated into increased individual and community awareness, job-readiness development, water savings, community collaboration, and a trained and qualified future force of water resource management problem solvers."