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Edible Garden

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A Green Thumbs Up
For San Diego Edible Garden
From Reclamation

 More than 100 supporters of the planned San Diego Water Conservation Garden and Learning Center applauded in appreciation as a beautiful Bronze Leaf award was presented to Reclamation's representative, Meena Westford (Southern California Area Water Conservation Coordinator). The ceremony in El Cajon last fall recognized Reclamation's support  for the project.

The San Diego Water Conservation Garden and Learning Center will occupy 4.2 acres on the campus of Cuyamaca College in El Cajon, adjacent to the Heritage of the Americas Museum. The Garden's design, by Densen, Powell & Atelier, Inc., has already won numerous awards for effectively communicating the value of water conservation techniques in landscaping.


Reclamation is sponsoring an exhibit called the Edible Garden,  featuring beautiful plants that require little water and can be eaten either in whole or in part. All education and outreach activities which emanate from the Edible Garden will bear the name of the Bureau of Reclamation as its official sponsor.

Several other exhibits and demonstration gardens will make up the $3,000,000 facility, which is being funded in large measure through gifts of products and services from members of the green industry as well as cash contributions from businesses, foundations, and individuals.