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Campground Reservations Via the Web:
The NRRS Heeds Customer Feedback

The National Recreation Reservation Service (NRRS) today announced a new timetable for the delivery of an Internet based reservation capability that addresses customer needs.

Reservations through the Internet for NRRS campgrounds have been reset from mid November to Early Spring of 1999. Campers wishing to make advance reservations at select National Forest Service and Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds can still do so through the toll-free number: 1-877-444-6777.

"We scheduled the earlier Internet date with a bare-bones reservation web site in mind," said John Weaver, Vice President for Operations at Park.Net, the NRRS service provider. "However, the feedback we've received from customers clearly indicates they want a full service transaction web site," Weaver added.

The state of the art technology utilized by Park.Net can allow customers direct access to the Central Reservation System database for reservations nationwide at thousands of locations. But when customers are provided more choices, they demand more information.

"We have solid experience building successful web reservation sites for state park agencies whose customer base is already well informed." Weaver said. "Campers in New York and California state parks know exactly where they want to go and when."

But in just a few weeks of operation, the NRRS has discovered that the national customer base is different, with a much higher proportion of customers seeking information to guide their choices. The entire country, including Alaska, is now open to camping or cabin reservations with the two participating federal agencies. That means many more campers are reaching beyond familiar territory for something different.

"We must respond to that desire to explore," Weaver asserts. "We must give customers information that is specific and useful right down to the campsite level."

Weaver noted that other national campground reservation services on the web plan to utilize form submissions that are entered as data by hand during business hours. He thinks web customers expect direct access, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"The Internet is for folks who want to research the choices and make the arrangements themselves. With this new timetable, the NRRS and Park.Net will give them that capability," Weaver declared.

For further announcements, as well as information to assist those who call toll-free, consult the NRRS web site at


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